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The technical achievements of Soil Test (P) Ltd. can also be annexed to its predecessor Soil Test and Civil Designs (P) Ltd. registered with HMG, Dept. of Industries in 1979, which is also incredited with long list of outstanding accomplishments. Soil Test (P) Ltd. has always been able to accomplish projects of any nature in time. The involvement of the Firm includes geotechnical, geological and civil engineering aspects of many large projects in roads, bridges, dams, water supplies, buildings, hydro power, irrigation etc. Besides different Government Departments, Local Consultants, and Industrialists within the kingdom of Nepal, our regular clients include many International consultants and organizations from various parts of the world. Since the inception, the Firm was ever expanding and updating with the latest technological developments and still look forward to continue the trend. Recent additions of some of the new equipment and accessories has made the Firm more efficient and capable of coping with the growing demand of the time.

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